Academy Schedules / PDYL League


Since we have started the Academy program in 2008, we have proven to all the bigger and older clubs in the state that we bring great competition, different style of play, and a positive attidue when we show up to play. Because of this in spring of 2014 we were asked by Norman to help them start an Academy leage called the "Premier Youth Development League (PYDL)" and we took great pride in excepting their invitation in helping them build a league and a positive enviorment for all our youth athletes that want more then just recreational play.


This means that when our club forms Academy teams they will have a set season instead of how it use to be done before, where we would call coahes up and maybe get a game or find out about a game 1 or 2 days prior to playing. Now everything will be in black and white, what you see is what you get .


All the games will be played in Norman, but since we are the furthest club to join we will play double headers every other weekend (at your request...)  to help soften the drive. This means that your season will only consist of driving to Norman 4 times for a total of 8 games.


Please take advantage of this great, fun, and positive opportunity for our young Clinton athletes to become a part of something great!!!


For more information on the PYDL please click here or contact:


Anthony Yousey

PYDL Director