Financial Info

The Academy division of the Clinton Football Club has a commitment level for parents and players of both time and money. Parents can expect expenses paid directly to the club for coaching fees, referee fee, etc. Plus team fees to cover tournaments, coach expenses (per diem, motel expenses, mileage), and miscellaneous expenses. There will be two training sessions a week and a third optional for each team during the school year and games/tournaments on the weekend locally, in state, and out of state. Club Fees are due at registration. Below is a breakdown for parents of expected expenses for the upcoming year.



Club Expenses

Each competitive player will pay a registration fee of $130.00 per year ($65 fall /$65 spring) for league referee fees, insurance fee, Frontier Country fees, Oklahoma Soccer Association fees, etc.


Team Expenses

Each team will attend tournaments locally and out of state depending on coach and team decisions. Each player will need to pay their share of tournament entry fee expenses, coach expenses (motel, mileage, per diem), and miscellaneous expenses (goalie gloves, practice balls). If a player cannot attend a tournament, he/she is responsible for their share of the these fees. Failure to pay team fees can result in player being suspended by their team until their fees are caught up.


FEE BREAKDOWN-all fees divided between team members

OPL League $200 per season

Tournament fees $500 or more per team per tournament

Showcase Tournament fees $650 per team per season

Coach Mileage $0.50 per mile

Coach Per Diem $35 per day

Coach Hotel $100 per night (varies according to location/taxes)

Bond: Each team will be required to pay a $150.00 bond per seaon due at registration.



Uniform Expenses

UNIFORMS FOR 2013-2014 SEASON contact Carrie Shackelfrord

Game Jerseys: Royal, Red, Hoops

Game Shorts: Royal, Red, White

Game Socks: Royal, Red, White

Required Game Uniforms- Royal jersey, Red jersey, Royal short, Red short, Royal sock, Red sock,

Optional Game Items-Club Bag, Warm-ups

$50 Depost required at order time balance due upon pick up




A limited number of scholarships are available! Please fill out and return appication at time of registration. All applicants will be informed by email if they qualified for a full, partial, or denied a scholarship for the upcoming year. AGAIN this does not cover any team expenses or uniform costs.


ALL SCHOLARSHIP PLAYERS/PARENTS will be required to volunteer hours to the CFC board. These hours will be assigned and tracked the board for events concerning our club ex: Our in-house tournaments. Failure to complete your volunteer hours will make players ineligible for future scholarships from the club. Events will not prevent player from participating with their individual team activities. Full scholarships will volunteer 8 hours and partial scholarhips will volunteer 4 hours per year.