Competitive Guidelines

  • Coaches / players have 14 days to request roster / team change, a player from the date a roster is issued.
  • All fees and paper work must be turned in before a roster or player passed are issued.
  • Coaches must print and fill out all required paper work for guest play, no less than 1 week prior to date needed. Same rules apply for add / drop form for regular season play. These forms must be turned in and sighed by 2 board members.
  • Permanent add / drop form will need to be filled out and submitted to the board for approval. 




          2. Moving

  • All teams are required to use uniforms that meet the criteria, wheather purchased through the club or individually.


Uniform criteria:

  • Must be Adidas brand.
  • Royal/White  jersey,short, and socks
  • Red/White    jersey,short, and socks
  • Optional Royal/Red Hoops jersey 



  • Any team / teams must advise the board of any fundraisers being held.


Coaching criteria:

  • All coaches are required to have proper license.
  • All coaches must give no less than 24 hour notice of game cancelation to the refree assigner. If this is not done the coach/team will have to pay the ref fees for that game. Recheduled games are to be played on Wednesda, Sautday or Sunday.
  • Coaches must advise the board of any tournament that they will be attending. Notice must be no less than 2 weeks prior to tournament date.
  • Each team will be required to pay a $150.00 bond per season due at registration. The bond will be returned at the end of the season. Unless diciplinary action has to be taken against the team in which case the bond will not be returned.
  • All teams are required to attend all scheduled games whether it be Academy, Traveling Rec, or Competitive. Unless rescheduled and no less than 24 hour notice has been given. Team maybe subject to lose their bond if this occurs. Coach maybe subject to termination if this happens more then once!!!


  • Tryouts will be held during the first 3 weeks of June. All tryouts will be set by age group and gender. Coaches and 2 board members will choose which team a player will be placed on 1st, 2nd or 3rd if enough players are trying out.
  • Coaches must have no less than 2 and no more then 3, 90-120 minute training sessions. With each individual team that they are coaching and may have 1 combined training session with all of his/hers team per week.



If you have 2 teams you will be required to have 4 practices 2 with each team (2+2=4). You will be allowed a 3rd practice which you can merge both teams for this training session or have 3 training sessions per team.

  • Coaches with propper licence must run any training session!!! No one other than assigned coaches with propper licence  should be on the team side during matches.
  • All coaches will be allowed to charge a coaching fee of no more than $70 per player per month. Coaches can set their fee accordingly.
  • All coaches will be charged a coaching fee of $5 per player per month which will go into a general fund.

(Fees will only be charged from August-May of each year)

  • Coaches and players can apply for scholarships for individual players. Certain criteria must be met to qualify. The CFC board will have the final decision of who will recieve scholarships.

           (First come first serve basis)


  • Coaches,players and parents are to read and sign a code of conduct form.

               You must abide by the code of conduct!! Failure to do so may result in diciplinary action. Such as suspenion and or

               termination from the team/club.

                We want our club to be remembered for the quality and sportsmanship we bring to the pitch as coaches, players

                and parents not anything negative.

  • Coaches are responsible for parents during any soccer function.