Program Info

Email Lucas Martinez or Josue Martinez  with any questions regarding the competitive program.


The Competitive Division of soccer begins at U-11 WOFC  teams . The WOFCdivision of soccer is the most competitive level of play for Clinton Football Club. Our competitive players and coaches will demonstrate the highest level of commitment to excellence in skills, fitness, work ethic, attitude and sportsmanship. Selection for the WOFC competitive teams will be durring the month of June on a yearly basis. Please make sure to regularly check the website durring the month of May for your childs scheduled tryout date.


WOFC teams train on a club training schedule. Periodically throughout the year our players will be asked to train a third day. These sessions will be run and organized by DOC and age group coordinators. We also encourage our players to train with other teams when they can't make their own session and or are wanting more training opportunity.


We believe in developing players to their best, not in training for results. We will not be taking shortcuts in the developmental process. Our players will be asked to compete at their highest level each day at training so that they may develop to their maximum potential. The development of our players comes before the development of our teams and its success.


WOFC teams will play 10 to 11 months depeding on the individual team. We recomend taking a break mid December through mid January and a summer break in the month of June. Teams will be placed in the league and bracket that is best suited for that individual team. These teams will be required to attend 2 out of town tournaments per season and also must attend atleast 1 CFC club tournament.


The Competitive Registration Fees and Monthly Fees are determined by the WOFCBoard of Directors and published before each tryout year. Please refer to Financial Page under the Competitive Page for a breakdown of expenses due to the WOFC club and individual teams.





NEW Competitive Scholarship Program-The scholarship program for competitive players will be on a need basis only. The application must be completed and turned into the WOFC Baord of Directors. All applications will be reviewed and applicants will be notified by email of their award or decline status. The scholarships applies toward club fees ONLY. All players are responsible for the cost of their uniforms and team fees (tournaments, coach expenses, etc.).Players that apply and are not awarded a scholarship will be notified by email and therefore be responsible for registering and paying full club fees.


Scholarship Breakdown is listed below:


Full Scholarships will require a registration fee of $20 upon entry in the fall and $20 in the spring due at registration.


Partial Scholarships will require a registraion fee of $40 upon enrty in the fall and $40 in the spring due at registration.


ALL SCHOLARSHIP RECIPIENTS are required to perform volunteer hours for the club during the year and hours will be tracked by the WOFC Board of Directors. Failure to complete the hours required will result in ineligibility for the player for future scholarhips in any division. Full scholarship awards require 8 hours and partial scholarship awards require 4 hours. The majority of these hours will be served during tournament weekends at the CFC complex. These tournaments are recreational, academy and competitive and we will work with you so you do not miss your team games in order to fulfill your time. Emails before each tournament will go out to players and parents (younger player's need parent to fulfill thier time requirements) for them know what is required and when so they can accept/decline the request. The board will then track each player's time until it is fulfilled-notice will be sent to palyers lacking time and informing them of upcoming events so they can clear their calenders.